23.12.2021 | Сollider
YOURA will hold a solo concert at Collider YOURA - a conceptual electronic project of Yuri Bardash, one of the largest and most talented pop producers of today, is holding a solo concert in Kyiv! YOURA is a show that equally impresses both visitors to thousands of raves and chamber basement parties for aesthetes. On December 23, at the Collider Club, Bardash recalled his uncompromising sound with feminine masculine electronic music and assertive recitative. The SETAP company, which is remembered by Kyiv partygoers for the NECHTO 15.05 rave, is responsible for the visual design.
event show
Юрий Бардаш
Ukrainian producer, choreographer, singer. Founder of the Kruzheva Music production center. Founder and producer of Russian-language projects "Quest Pistols", "Quest Pistols Show", "Грибы", "Грибы", Луна, etc. he last participant is the herd "Грибы". Solist in the YOURA project.