Markus Schulz in Lviv
27.05.2016 | Lviv Arena
Markus Schulz in Lviv
He loves Ukraine, and Ukraine loves him ... They've met several times. But this year will be special for them - the legendary Markus Schulz goes to Lviv for the first time. It is safe to say that Markus is an honorary citizen of musical Ukraine. And without it, the history of our dance music would be completely different. But more than that, Markus is a member of our musical family. An entire generation has grown up on his tracks, and his every performance is an unforgettable event for those who have been there. Two years passed and he missed Ukraine again. Markus returns with a wonderful gift - a new album. One of the European cities that Markus chose to present his album was Lviv. On May 27, we will all become part of an unforgettable event that brings together thousands of young hearts. For the first time in many years, though for one night, the City of Leo will become the capital of dance Ukraine, and we will show our dear Markus true Lviv hospitality and love.
Markus Schulz