8 interesting facts about The Chemical Brothers

March 18, 2019

1) Future The Chemical Brothers - Tom Rowlands and Ed Simmons met while studying the history of the Middle Ages at Manchester University. But they were not particularly sophisticated in studying history, turning the plates in local clubs.


2) Initially, The Chemical Brothers were called Dust Brothers. But they had to change their name because of these "dirty brothers". However, the musicians themselves were not happy about the new version of the band name.


3) The Chemical Brothers - the first among the electronics to receive the Grammy Award for the track Block Rockin 'Beats (brothers have received 4 Grammys in their career).


4) In the process of preparing the album We are the Night, according to the musicians, 60 thousand files were created. Half of which went to the recycle bin.


5) One Japanese couple met during a performance by The Chemical Brothers. When the twins were born after 9 months, they gave them the names Tom (girl) and Ed (boy) in honor of the band members.


6) Hey Boy Hey Girl - single from Surrender's third album. Part of this single was written back in 1989, two years before The Chemical Brothers was founded



7) Part of the clip Hey Boy Hey Girl was filmed in the London Museum of Natural History, the rest - in the famous London club, "nest" of the English rave movement "Ministry of sound".


8) The Chemical Brothers may have set the record for the fastest remix of all time! The original track We've Got To Try is broken, reworked and accelerated to 15,000 beats per minute (BPM). By the way, this three-second remix is ​​now the sound of the 2019 F1 season.



Very interestingly, what else awaits us with the release of the ninth album?

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The Chemical Brothers