Stephan Bodzin - master of techno scene

February 04, 2019

"Music is not a joke to me. If I`m working on a new track, I have to share in the sound what comes from the bottom of my soul."

 His tunes are something out of the line for minimal techno. In the dry ascetic world of "music of machines", Stefan Bodzin is able to find those harmonies and combinations of notes that reveal to the audience the whole palette of emotions - sadness, happiness, dreamy longing and joy of the moment.



Welcome guest of leading electronic festivals. An improvisation wizard whose performances are an unpredictable act in which music is created directly in the eyes of a surprised audience. The owner of the iconic label Herzblut, where Max Cooper, Pig & Dan, Oxia, Noir, Patrick Topping, Fur Coat were released at various times.

He is the author of two high-profile albums - Liebe Ist (2007) and Powers of Ten (2015), which defined the sound of entire eras in the history of the European electronic scene.

Creator of lots of high-profile singles for dance floors and author of official remixes for the first magnitude stars: Depeche Mode, The Knife, Booka Shade. A longtime associate of Oliver Huntemann and Mark Romboy.

Finally, the world's leading artist in the techno scene.

 Stefan Bodzin will perform at CHI Club for the first time!

22 February
CHI by Decadence House
Portraits #6: Stephan Bodzin (LIVE)