Technobal 2020: Charlotte de Witte

February 05, 2020

Belgian DJ and producer Charlotte de Witte has become a headliner of Technobal 2020. Worldwide famous young girl is rapidly gaining momentum in her creativity and this April she will visit Ukraine with a performance.



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We propose to get acquainted with Charlotte closer and to read a small interview she gave for «Daily Post» last year.

  1. You gather crowds at festivals, your clips have millions of views, and you have millions of Instagram followers. What do you think were the reasons for this?
  • I can assume that I did the right things at the right time. The right releases on the right labels, performances at great festivals, and a lot of motivation.
  1. What feeds your motivation?
  • Love! I endlessly love music. Another important point is the intensive and interesting life that I live. I am happy, despite the constant flights and small amount of sleep.
  1. How do you run social media? Do you have anyone responsible for it?
  • I do everything myself, managers work only with KNTXT. SMM is not my thing, but I understand that I need to focus on it. The most difficult is to create quality content. It is always a real challenge.
  1. Why did you start writing other music after closing Raving George? Have you become more confident or have you felt the rise of the heavy techno?
  • Even during Raving George, I sometimes played techno.  So I guess I became more confident. I’m not afraid anymore.
  1. Your victory in the mental fight against gender prejudices on the techno scene is impressive. What was the most complicated?
  • Negative to promoters, who are bad at music, has always been with me. If I know I’m invited only because I’m a girl, I always say no. Once I saw a completely pink party flyer, it said «only girls DJ»: without a second thought, I cancelled my performance and flew back home. It’s disgusting and annoying. I don’t want to be a «DJ girl», music is not about that!
  1. Belgium, 2000s, why could a young girl decide to become a DJ?
  • I never wanted to be famous, and I never saw myself as a DJ. That's how my life went. I followed my passion and enjoyed it. In fact, being famous tortures me sometimes. All those people on the streets, photos. Why would they go along with this? I still don’t understand. But it’s part of the job and I realize it…
  1. Tell me about your KNTXT party.
  • KNTXT idea was born about five years ago in Brussels. Recently it has become a self-titled label. We’re making an amazing Merch and trying to get into fashion industry. I like trying new things and getting the hang of previously confusing professions. KNTXT is my child and the most important thing in my life right now.
  1. Who snag you the hardest with their tracks in 2019?
  • The Italian «999999999» and the German Alighment – are two of my discoveries in 2019.


Let’s remind, Charlotte de Witte will visit Kiev on April 3 within the framework of the second Technobal.

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