May 21, 2019

The OSTROV festival presented a project of its territory, spread out on a familiar location on Trukhanov island. The new concept, which has been worked on by several creative teams, fits into the landscape organically, subordinating the space with its lines, and transforms the terrain and trees into a single conceptual art object.


Andriy Zhuravel, organizer of OSTROV Festival: "Last year in Odessa we began to work not only the musical component, but also the visual part. We want the guests of the festival in the memory and in the photo to remain original art objects and scenery, which form the festival.The talented Freak Fabrik team worked on the Odessa Island.They started the process of transformation from individual dance floors.This year in Kiev we started cooperation with the team of Ukrainian community "Burning Man", who gladly joined the project and erecting really cool designs. We also have a multicultural art platform called Divina, which brought together a variety of artists and talented people. We allowed them to maximize their imagination. "



The team of the Ukrainian community of Burning Man festival is working on the architectural structures. They were the first to create a Ukrainian camp in 2017 at this legendary Nevada festival. Now guys continue to develop ideas and principles of "Burning man" in the Ukrainian capital. Their Kurenivka Palace of Culture in the Podil Industrial Area is just an example of the revitalization of an old space of an abandoned shop and turning it into a creative venue for meetings and colorful events. The OSTROV project for them is also a kind of challenge.


Yaroslav Mamai, a member of the team of the Ukrainian community of "berners": "When developing the project wanted to move away from the usual" marine "or" boho "subjects. Since Trukhanov island is located in the geographical center of the capital, surrounded by" rock jungle ", the idea of ​​creating a visual image of the "post-apocalyptic island of the future." Where concrete, iron, glass, covered or overgrown with greenery prevails ...


We worked on the ideas and concepts of objects with Zhenya Zasutsky and his bureau "Marrying Zasutsky and Team". We discussed what the dance floors might look like, what to really build them from, what technologies to use to keep them dry and, in the first place, comfortable for people, the ability to properly install sound and light, also fill the area with interesting objects that complement the festival concept, and equip comfortable areas for relaxation, communication and food. We have a great understanding with the qievdance team, and we take into account all the key points, building on the extensive experience of organizing such events, and share our experience to make OSTROV one of the best electronic festivals in the country. "


Elena, Sheptytsky, the multicultural art platform "Divina": "We are fascinated by complex challenges and tasks. The OSTROV project is really very multifaceted. It is a creative field for a lot of ideas and the realization of fantasies. For example, we wanted to implement some interesting art projects for a long time , and it is on Trukhanov Island that we have all the conditions for it. There will be kinetic sculptures, a "living" tree and some psychedelic-post-apocalyptic objects. As always, the main goal and ambition is to transform, modify, fill the space, add paint andyurrealistychnist whole environment. "


The OSTROV-2019 area has three dance floors, bars, a food court, cozy chill outs and a variety of art areas. You can wander in the midst of all this in the breaks between dances, do dozens of pages, restore energy, resting and immersing yourself in the entourage so carefully and carefully created by the organizers.



MAIN is the largest dance floor to accommodate foreign headliners. Powerful sound and light visuals make you obey the music and give yourself rhythmic energy to the fullest.



UA STAGE is a scene that shows no less than MAIN, a musical fervor, and sometimes even more. Domestic techno masters are gathering more fans with each event.



UNDERGROUND STAGE is a location you can get to only by finding a secret tunnel, and this is the only dance floor that will run all 48 hours of the festival. The sound is the responsibility of a familiar Romanian airstrike from Sunrise Agency, backed by residents of the Odessa promotional group Feeleed.


Andriy Zhuravel: "The island continues to maintain the concept of bringing top performers in its genre. That is, in fact, for three June days, in one place - on Trukhanov Island, you can listen and dance to those who are declared in the biggest ape-apes this summer. It is definitely a sign of the quality and fruit of our team. "


The OSTROV Festival is ready to announce the names of all its headliners.

June 15-17, Kiev, Trukhaniv Island - legendary artists prepare their networks:


Amelie Lens (BE)

Farrago (BE)

Joyhauser (BE)

Henrik Shwarz (GE)


Worakls (FR)

Jeremy Underground (FR)

Woo York (UA)

Sonja Moonear (Switzerland)

Nølah (ESP)

J.Manuel (DE)


Recondite (DE)

Roman Flügel (DE)


Petre Inspirescu (RO)

Praslea (RO)

Caesar (RO)


Also: Abelle, Arthur Danielyan (live), Arthur Lirity, Cassi b2b Mytry, Criminal Practice, Daria Kolosova, Dasha Redkin, Deenara, Dima Mitch, Dimone, Eric, Igor Shtenge b2b Play, Joss, Kichi Kazuko, Koloah, Leri, Mamay feat David Kareyan (live), Max Owl, Nekliff, Oleg Isk, Pavel Plastikk b2b Philipp Markovich, Rayo, Runov b2b A.Fleming, Sergee, Sham, Sinica, Smailov, Stas Twee, Tokyo b2b Weizman, Vasil, Yate, Zaicev .


Traditionally, organizers introduce several types of season tickets - General Admission (UAH 1150) and Backstage (UAH 1600).


General Admission gives access to the entire festival area, except for the stage, backstage owners will be able to move throughout the festival and be in direct contact with their favorite artist. The number of such tickets is limited.


Tickets: https://www.qievdance.com/events/ostrovfestival2019 





15.06 - 17.06
Trukhaniv Island
Ostrov Festival 2019