Headliners Ostrov Festival 2019

March 14, 2019

The long-awaited Ostrov Festival 2019 is approaching day by day, and we are eager to share with you the latest and most iconic experiences of our headliners:


Amelie Lens:

Own All Night Long parties, techno label releases, headlining from Awakenings and Circo Loco to the best contemporary clubs like DC-10 Ibiza. It's hard to find an artist whose take-off has become so swift and exciting. Amelie Lens has spent just over a year moving from relative anonymity to status as one of the premier artists in the contemporary scene.

Not one Amelian performance - a closed party or a huge festival or beautiful location - can do without a steep hangout at arm's length.



Watching Amelie Lens creatively, her success is intertwined with many techno-threads, two of which are Farrago and Joyhauser. They present with her one label - Labyrinth, spend sleepless nights in the studio and constantly decorate the coolest line-ups with Amelie Lens. They are her mental music brethren who know a lot about the right sound storm, even on thousands of venues.

Farrago's name is motivated by the meaning of the word itself and translates as "confused mix". Arpeggio chords and a classic barrel resonate qualitatively in his work, and a passion for "gadgets" such as Octatrack and Analog Four always make his networks diverse and advance his name far beyond his native Belgium.



This promising duo became famous for its impressive arsenal of attractive tunes with pronounced melancholy strings. "Raw techno with epic moments is the main component of our sound!", - Belgians admit in one of their recent interviews.



From "basement experiments" to strength in modern techno that is well-proven. This is how music critics respond to FJAAK. With eleven singles and an EP, two albums and several collections, the FJAAK guys show great performance (compared to their relatively young age), making a great impression. After the second album, the guys focused on their new project - Spandau20 - a community of like-minded people and labels for new releases and notable young talent from the Berlin scene.

Easily navigating between House, Techno, Rave, Ambient & Breakbeat, one can only guess what will amaze the music lovers in the future. Only guaranteed: the dance will not stop! This is exactly how it will be at the Ostrov Festival.




The music comes from the western outskirts of Berlin. J.Manuel is one of the few figures who simultaneously possesses the talents of a producer, live hardware and a DJ. This powerful combination prompted him to open a notable label - WERK, on ​​which he releases records and albums of allied projects, such as FJAAK.

Fleshy production and powerful sound design with reference to the UK scene are what set J.Manuel apart from others. Playing every weekend in Berlin's Tresor and Berghain, he has nevertheless managed to excel in many European capitals and the Amsterdam Dance Event. This summer he will finally conquer Eastern Europe under the label Ostrov Festival 2019.


Woo York:

These dance floor characters rarely perform in their native walls because of a dense tour schedule. Active participants in the European techno-movement, this Ukrainian duo releases a powerful, acidic and at the same time sophisticated sound, realized in a unique performance, which was recognized by Top 40 Live Acts according to Resident Advisor. With a solid discography behind the likes of Dystopian, Semantica and Soma's techno labels, Woo York is releasing their first full-length album on one of the most high-profile platforms to date - Afterlife.

The aesthetics of their work balances from the forefront to the fundamental values ​​of Detroit and Berlin techno. And their performances, balancing between functional sound and more experimental material, challenge the perception of sound and make them speak for themselves around the world.



The passion for music in this mysterious girl began at an early age. At the age of 7, she was a vocalist for a children's band, then studied classical music and even played a rock band on a guitar. This whole journey was reflected in the project Nølah and expressed in its main impact on the world - electronic sounds.

Hypnotic tunes, juicy bass line and dense bits are the main features of its production. When all this is put together, the result is an emotional and mesmerizing techno. It's like the legendary video from Cercle. Nølah has gained popularity recently, but it can be stated that it is at the beginning of a great and interesting journey.



Jeremy Underground:

Parisian Jeremy is a passionate record collector and music lover whose collections and knowledge in music go beyond his years of collecting. He spent his youth in music stores with the only idea: to dig up hidden treasures. Later using the same set up scheme, Jeremy founded My Love Is Underground in 2010, a vinyl-only label dedicated to his first love: the real New York House. His mission was to bring those warm vibrations back and showcase the spirit of that golden era of house.

Honesty and dedication to music put Jeremy Underground at the forefront of international DJing, and My Love Is Underground collections were recognized as the best compilations on Resident Advisor. Jeremy's network is a passion. Even a cursory glance at any of his performances in the Boiler Room shows the exceptional ability to play necessary here and now, staying in touch with the dance floor that he will surely do at Ostrov Festival 2019


Sonja Moonear:

Exploring classical music in her youth, Sonja Moonear closed the piano cover and crossed over to the Roland R8. Soon she plunged headlong into the Geneva underground and began to participate in her country's ambitious projects, not even knowing that in distant 2019, viewers on the summer island of Kiev would dream of her...

As soon as Sonja Moonear realized that she could overcome the Alps and spread her sound far beyond them, she began collaborating with artists such as Luciano and Dandy Jack, and gained a significant international reputation.

Periodically releasing her own tracks and remixes on well-known international labels such as Karat and Perlon, she masterfully manages the Ruta5 label, organizes her own parties, as well as Kiss Me Festival. All her endeavors reflect a great number of ideas and creativity, forcing her to constantly add new notes and plates to her style.

15.06 - 17.06
Trukhaniv Island
Ostrov Festival 2019