The incredible journey of Black Coffee: from the province of Africa to the tops of the world club scene.

March 11, 2019

Artist Black Coffee, no introduction.

Today, he is one of the best DJs and sound producers in the world. His track record includes dozens of awards, hundreds of iconic sets and acclaim. But this was not always the case.


As a child, he suffered a serious injury that forever left his entire left arm idle - from his shoulder to his fingertips. At the age of 15, Mafumulo first thought of becoming a DJ. But how to play with one hand? It all seemed like just a pink dream. Nkosinati went the other way. He was struck by the biographies of black techno-producers from Detroit. He started making music on his computer. However, House and Techno Nkosinati did not start writing immediately. For a long time he worked in the local dance genre "quito" - it is a cross between pop and hip-hop.


This could go on, but at this point in Europe there was a fashion for African music. Techno-producers from Berlin and the first stars of Ibiza have introduced a new genre - tech house. Fashion at tech house has aroused great interest in African folk music. Curators of the project Red Bull Music Academy could not help noticing. They decided to conduct an in-depth monitoring of the contemporary African music scene and invited the best local young artists to train. Among them was Mafumulo. He proved to be a capable student of the project and was encouraged to collaborate with cult jazz artist Hugh Masakel.

Another person has returned to South Africa - an artist named Black Coffee. A course at the academy helped him find the right vector of development. The young producer decided to combine house music with African ethnicity and jazz. He is true to this creative credo to this day.


In 2010, Black Coffee released its third album by that time and received many local awards. He even performed at the Durban Stadium, accompanied by the orchestra. But the "star time" was still ahead. The breakthrough happened when the Boiler Room project team arrived in South Africa. Black Coffee is expected to hit the party line as one of the best local artists. He immediately manifested himself. Many profile media wrote about the "one-armed" DJ at that time. He also entered the Guinness Book of Records as a DJ who played the longest DJ set. Not only did this guy run the turntables with one hand. So he still stood at the console for 60 hours!



Black Coffee melody in a compartment with chiseled groove became a breath of fresh air for the world club scene. At some point, the labels began to hunt for music in this style, and the top artists began ordering their hits full remixes for their hits. At the same time, he drew attention to a new star among the top personalities of the US National Security and hip-hop scene. In just a couple of years, a guy from Africa managed to catch up and bypass many of his colleagues in the shop. Passing the charts of Resident Advisor and DJ Mag, he made it to the top of the world of pop music.



With luggage of experience and experience from a completely different scene, Black Coffee returned to Ibiza. Now in the status of a full-fledged trendsetter - one of the few artists who determine the future musical order for the whole world. But if earlier Black Coffee was a frequent guest at parties of other famous DJs, now he has won his own series of parties. It was launched at Hi Ibiza Club, which became the receivers of the legendary Space club. The DJ from Africa immediately began to be compared to the legend of Space - Charles Cox. Black Coffee was not averse, because he was well aware of himself: at this pace, he was soon not only caught up, but also outstripped by a well-deserved techno-veteran. For two consecutive years - in 2016 and 2017 - Black Coffee was named the "Best Dip House DJ in the World" by DJ Awards.


His touring schedule is jammed half a year in advance and he still has time to record music.

"What I play is not music you can easily find and get used to," he says. "You can come and try it on the dance floor"


And you really should get on the Black Coffee March 15 at CHI Nightclub by Decadence House


15 March
CHI by Decadence House
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