The Chemical Brothers released new album 'No Geography'

April 12, 2019

The Chemical Brothers are finally ready to conquer the world again!

The British band has released their new album No Geography.


Real electronic music masters Tom Rowlands and Ed Simmons return with a ninth album, characterized by a distinctive sound, changing the rules of the dance and turning to the 90s: rough edges and similar technical acoustics that reproduce psychedelic sounds, carefully crafted vocals and buoyant vocals bit. The album included 10 tracks, including previously released singles tracks "Got To Keep On," "We Got Got to Try," "Free Yourself" and "MAH", all four of which were recorded.



Three decades after the creation, with constant keystrokes, have formed this legendary duet anew, demonstrating an unwavering desire for the formation of unsurpassed music tracks.

So go and enjoy the rave.


The album is available digitally on major music platforms.

15 June
The Chemical Brothers