The Chemical Brothers in Kiev!

February 28, 2019

June 15, 2019, IEC, legendary Brits with new album 'No Geography' 


They have forever changed the idea of ​​what a live electronic band show should look like. Their concerts are a total immersion in the audiovisual action that holds the audience to the finals.


Having started their careers in small London clubs, they quickly made it to the top rosters of the biggest festivals in the world. Musicians have always remained true to their idea - a live show must create its own audiovisual space that you do not want to leave. For many years, the performances of The Chemical Brothers, produced by visual artists Adam Smith and Marcus Loll, have introduced audiences to trance and euphoria around the world.


“Visual experience is an important component of electronic music. It must now be so large that people can feel it inside, ”says Marcus Lyall.


The impact of The Chemical Brothers on electronic music is hard to overstate. Six of their albums at various times reached # 1 in the UK charts, and their albums and singles sold for millions of copies. The Chemical Brothers - first among electronic musicians to receive the Grammy Award for the Block Rockin 'Beats track (4 brothers have received 4 Grammys in their career).


The ninth chemists' No Geography album will be released in spring 2019, and will include the single Free Yourself, which has already become a favorite of music lovers, and which they danced at last summer's festivals. The album will also include a completely fresh track by MAN, which was well received by fans of the group. Their new show is, as always, incredible amazing visuals, super hits that the whole world has been dancing to for the last twenty years, as well as brand new tracks that will surely set the tone and rhythm at all parties of the planet this summer.


Missing The Chemical Brothers Performance - means missing out on the best electronic performance this summer!


Ticket on sale from March 4, 11:00 on

15 June
The Chemical Brothers