Westland - Official Aftermovie

August 20, 2019

Year after year, Lviv lives in anticipation of the only night that has become a symbol of endless musical history.

The nights when the mysterious city comes to life and turns into a major electronic music festival - Westland.

This was the night of May 31 at the Lviv Arena, where nearly 6,000 hearts were beating in unison under the incendiary networks of W&W, Cosmic Gate, Sub Focus, MC I.D., SAGAN, Gidro, Celery and Gooch Brown.



Seeing together and breaking away from such a lineup of artists is just a dream! Which has become a reality not only for Lviv residents, but also for many foreign guests attending Ukrainian festivals more and more. Every year, Westland is truly a music country with cool headliners for all fans of EDM and Trance culture.

With the announcement of the Westland 2019 line-up, the tickets flew just like hot cakes.



A "cosmic" trance duo set off for Lviv - Cosmic Gate! This year the project marks 20 years of musical activity, their dates of the world tour have already been painted six months ahead. That is why it is really cool news for Ukrainian fans to see them in the festival line-up.

At Westland 2019, the artists played their favorite old tracks and hot news in one set. But we can say that they opened a real gate to the world of trans music, where all the dancers fell.



The tireless and rebellious W&W, who have long become a favorite of the Ukrainian public, have just completely broken the dance floor with their powerful set! The fans were just mad about the drive and unbridled energy of W&W.

We have not seen such a separation for a long time! Gave up to the ants!



Also for the first time in Westland 2019 in Lviv, world legend Sub Focus and his voice - MC I.D.

This is one of the coolest performances of the festival! The symbiosis of enchanting energy and unique rhythms was really hot!



The Ukrainian support of SAGAN, Gidro, Celery and Gooch Brown was also lit at maximum.

Artists have long become residents of the Lviv rave, each time captivating the audience with steep tracks.

So you want to find a time machine, come back and relive these wonderful moments again!

It is a really good tradition to meet summer dances until the morning.



Westland 2019 is eight cool artists, a kilo of sound and light, a unique scene, rocking music and thousands of hearts that beat every beat.

This is an incendiary dance until the morning.

These are impressions and emotions that you really can't convey, you can only feel them!

It was really bright and amazing!



We are sure that each of us is already eager to open our hearts to Westland's new history

31 May
Lviv Arena
Westland Festival 2019