Tickets to NECHTO 17.04. Beware of scams.

March 31, 2021

Dear friends!

Please don't buy tickets from resellers, especially from strangers. With a 99% chance, it will be a fake.

We have already encountered more than 20 cases of fraud and these are only known episodes.

When making such a purchase, you take a risk, deprive yourself of unforeseen insurance, lose information and technical support from qievdance. And most importantly - you will NOT get to the event and the company doesn't make a refund for these tickets.

Pay attention to the following points:

- do not trust people who write to you that sell a ticket,

- check the receipt for the purchase of a ticket,

- make sure that the ticket has the name of the person who sells it to you,

- receive the ticket not by image or pdf-file, but by a sent letter from qievdance with the attached ticket-file,

- if you buy several tickets, they must have different barcodes.

And even these measures do not guarantee the safety of the purchase.

Due to the great excitement and demand, fraudsters come up with different ways and schemes. Don't buy tickets from resellers. 

At all. 

15 May
NECHTO 17.04