September 17, 2021

Nastia and qievdance once again unite to hold a large-scale party at a secret location on October 2nd, 2021. This event is a continuation of the NECHTO party series, which has developed a truly unique concept and has become a significant cultural phenomenon for music lovers from Ukraine and beyond its borders. 

This time NECHTO united forces with the world-famous interactive media, production, and conceptual design company Sila Sveta. The multimedia company is a team of specialists in the field of digitally immersive experiences. With a passion for stage performances for musical artists, the company experiments with the latest technologies and are open to the most challenging creative ideas. Sila Sveta will create a unique visual program, that will transform the space into a realm of high-tech art.


In more than a year, NECHTO Records label has turned into a brand that unites a community of rising artists that are wholeheartedly dedicated to music. The Ukrainian imprint embodies a musical force that is driven by progressivity, technology, and innovation. It offers one of the most spectacular music showcases of modernity and introduces both local and international talents, giving way to new names and fresh perspectives on sound. 

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02 October
Secret Place
NECHTO 02.10