The three headliners of the 2019 Westland Festival

March 05, 2019

All Cards Open :) Westland 2019 has assembled truly renowned headliners.


The W&W duo have long been ranked as world celebrities. The Dutch electronic tandem continues to amaze long-time fans and attract new fans. Each track is a super hit! W&W music has conquered more than one dance floor in the world, they will surely ignite the audience with their explosive bass and unique beats. Due to this very distinctive and easily recognizable sound, they are so quickly among the top and most sought after producers. Today, in the W&W arsenal there are joint works with almost all the famous European dance floor artists, and the characteristic sound of the duo, which embodies the symbiosis of trance, electro and progressive house, makes the guys universally recognizable. You will be mad at the drive and unbridled energy of W&W in the Lviv arena.


Those who have made a real revolution in the world music industry. The most outstanding, in terms of the uniqueness of the sound, the mighty and the great - PENDULUM. Considered one of the most progressive and successful Drum & Bass bands. The band conquered all the major festivals of the world with their special and powerful sound, as well as unsurpassed performances on stage. They are not afraid to experiment with styles, and often mix Drum'n'Bass with other genres. Their sound changed, and completely unexpected elements appeared, from which the Pendulum corporate identity is created. Which you will soon feel in Lviv under their special dj -set.


Their music is a real gateway to the world of trans music, and each performance is a journey that can be described by the names of their tracks and albums. The cosmic duo of the world trans scene - COSMIC GATE! 10 albums, more than 30 singles, hundreds of remixes, thousands of fans, a presence in the Top 100 DJ Mag for 10 years and numerous performances around the world, including at major music festivals. All this is a Cosmic Gate project. This year, the duo celebrates 20 years of musical activity, their world tour dates are already half a year ahead. So it's really cool news to see them in the festival's lineup. Over the past 20 years, the duo have shown how diverse trans music can be, from soft vocal trance to hard progressive. To Lviv Cosmic Gate collected all your favorite old tracks and hot news in one set.


It will be incredible! May 31 - Lviv Arena - Open Your Heart to Meet New Westland History!

31 May
Lviv Arena
Westland Festival 2019