ZOUND FESTIVAL 2019. Everything you wanted to know.

June 07, 2019

ZOUND FESTIVAL 2019 - July 5 and 6, Zaporizhya, Shyroke airfield.




What is Zound Festival?

This is the first electronic music festival of this scale in Zaporozhye. On July 5 and 6, several thousand people will gather at the Shiroke airport to make the first Zound Festival unforgettable.


Who is the organizer?

Qievdance company. On the market of concerts and festivals in Ukraine since 2004. They feature performances by Tiesto, David Guetta, ATB, Paul van Dyk, Carl Cox and hundreds of other artists in Kiev and Ukraine.


Tickets: what are the categories and how do they differ?

There are only two categories: FAN and VIP. One ticket is valid for all days of the festival.
FAN includes:
- entrance to the festival, access to all dance floors, food courts, toilets and other places of entertainment except the VIP area.
VIP includes: all the same as FAN as well as:
- a separate entrance, not about the main queue
- a separate, comfortable dance area (with a limited number of people). Here is the most convenient and the best view of the stage.
Your ticket changes at the entrance to a special bracelet. It cannot be removed until the end of the festival. Protect it from damage, otherwise it will be considered invalid.


How does the festival work?

Without stopping for 42 hours. From 18:00 on July 5 and until 6:00 on July 7.


Scenes. What will they be and how much?

There will be two of them: the main dance floor, which will run from 8:00 pm to 6am. This scene only works at night and in two days it will be performed by all major world headliners.
The small stage is the second non-stop dance floor, where the music will play without interruption. Ukrainian artists will perform on this stage


What to eat and drink?

The festival will feature a large number of bars, with a large selection of drinks and cocktails. Various food courts with delicious food will also work as well, where you can refresh and rejuvenate). Bringing water, alcohol, food with you to the festival is impossible.


How to get there?

Special buses will go to the festival and back. Detailed schedules and locations can be found here.
There will be space for parking on own cars.

05.07 - 07.07
Shiroke Airfield
ZOUND Festival 2019