Portraits #8: Boris Brejcha
07.06.2019 | CHI by Decadence House
Portraits #8: Boris Brejcha
As part of a series of Portaits parties, Kyiv will be visited by one of the most talented, interesting and up-to-date German tech-musicians of the new generation. Boris Brejcha - a name that needs no introduction, a passionate favorite of the Ukrainian public will give the capital its long-awaited set! Techno-Lord Brejcha is recognized not only for his trademark mask but also for his distinctive high-tech minimal style. This is a truly unique musician whose great future has already come true.
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Boris Brejcha
Boris Brejcha was born in Ludwigshafen (Germany) in 1981 and already had to experience some strokes of fate in his childhood. At the age of six, he was seriously injured in the Ramstein air disaster and spent months in hospital. Today, he still bears extensive scars from the severe burns. Because of teasing from classmates, Boris withdrew and discovered his interest in music. After a classmate of his brought a "Thunderdome" CD in middle school, he was hooked. He was dying to know how to make this new kind of electronic music. So at the age of twelve, he started producing electronic music himself as a hobby.
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